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Patricia Behrens, M.Sc.


Research interests

  • Production planning in semiconductor industry
  • Evaluation and optimization of flow production systems

Areas of responsibility

  • Research and Teaching


Since 2017Research Assistent,
Department of Supply Chain Management and Production
University of Cologne
2016Dean's Award
WiSo Faculty, University of Cologne
2015-2016Student Assistent (Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft)
ZIB WiSo, Universität zu Köln
2014-2017Master of Science in Business Administration - Supply Chain Management,
University of Cologne
2010-2014Bachelor of Science in Betriebwirtschaftslehre,
University of Cologne
2007-2009Bachelor in Naturwissenschaften und Mathematik,
Ponitificia Universidad Católica de Chile
2006Abitur, International School Hamburg