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Supply Chain Management Studies

Our goal is to prepare students for leading positions in supply chain management or general management. To achieve this, we convey the relevant fundamental methodologies and concepts, thereby including our own current research activities. We also illuminate diverse case studies on the implementation of SCM solutions. This base knowledge enables students to solve logistics problems independently and to deal efficiently with future SCM challenges. The latest SCM methods and findings equip students with a toolbox to help them whenever they are called upon to optimize supply chains. The case studies give examples of successful implementations in practice as well as of avoidable traps. The entire range of supply chain subjects offered by our specialisation area is designed to give students a head start in their careers.

SCM is a global theme which is why most lectures are offered in English. The major in Supply Chain Management can be completely studied in English.

The Supply Chain Management specialisation area organizes its courses with the help of ILIAS and KLIPS