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Letter of Recommendation

We are pleased to write a letter of recommendation if one is required for the application for a Master study, an exchange semester or a scholarship. Interested applicants are required either to complete at least one of the courses of the Department of Supply Chain Management and Production successfully or to write a thesis (Bachelor, Master, Diploma) at the department.

Of course, the writer of the letter of recommendation only can evaluate abilities and skills that are obvious to him/ her.

If you would like to receive a letter of recommendation please make an appointment for an interview with the associated secretariat of the department.

  • letter of motivation (in English if letter of recommendation is required in English)
  • CV with picture (in English if letter of recommendation is required in English)
  • certificates (Bachelor certificate, current overview of grades, ranking, Abitur, professional education, internships, exchange semester, extracurricular activities, ...)
  •  pre-print of the letter of recommendation  PDF

Please note that all documents need to be handed in at least 4 weeks in advance of the required date!