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Supply Chain Management

The term Supply Chain Management subsumed all activities that are required to design the value adding process within the total supply chain optimally (from the supplier of the supplier to the customer of the customer). A well organized supply chain with efficient information flow is required to enable different nodes of the supply chain to cooperate with each other. If these requirements are present there is a huge optimization potential. 

Main research

Prof. Dr. Andreas Fügener

  •     Hybrid Intelligence / Human-AI-Collaboration
  •     Data-Driven Optimization
  •     Behavioral Operations
  •     Health Care Operations Management

Prof. Dr. Nicolas Fugger

  •     Procurement
  •     Behavioral Operations
  •     Experimental Methods
  •     Market Design

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Yingshuai Zhao

  • Behavioral Management Science

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Henrik Franke

  •     Manufacturing management
  •     Teamwork
  •     Digitalized production systems
  •     Collaboration

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Florian Sachs

  •     Design of stochastic manufacturing systems
  •     Human-Machine Interaction
  •     Behavioral and Experimental Economics