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Welcome to the Supply Chain Management Area

It is the mission of the Area of the Supply Chain Management to be one of the leading academic institutions in the area of Supply Chain Management, Production-, Service- and Logistics-Management, based on the impact on the development of new theories and concepts, and the transfer of new scientific knowledge into practice and quality of teaching.

With eight professors, one academic director, one junior-professor and fifteen additional scientists, we cover the entire spectrum of supply chain management. Students are enabled to compile their own study programmes from a wide-ranging offer of lectures and courses according to their personal preferences. Our teaching maxims are scientific backing, practice orientation and international alignment.


Research Assistant (PhD Candidate) in the Supply Chain Area

The Supply Chain Area is advertising for a Research Assistant (PhD Candidate) position.

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Master Thesis with the "Supply Chain Master Challenge" summer term

You would like to write a practical master thesis in the summer term? The current topics for the "Master Challenge" can…

Specialisation Course „Business Projects in Supply Chain Management“ (12 ECTS) Summer Term 2023 for Master Students

This new type of practical course offers students a detailed insight into current operational issues as well as…

Exam inspections from summer term 2022

Exam inspections from summer term 2022 will be listed here

Exam Inspection "Project Management"

The inspection for the exam "Project Management" (module number: 1271SMPrjM; 1979SUCSM2) from 01.06..2020 and 23.09.2020…

Exam Inspections "SM Supply Chain Management“ Bachelor(PT1 und PT2, SoSe 2021) and „SM Inventory Management“ Master (PT1 und PT2, SoSe 2021)

Please click here for information on the exam inspections for "SM Supply Chain Management“ Bachelor (PT1 und PT2, SoSe…

Exam Inspection "Strategisches Beschaffungsmanagement"

The exam inspection for the exam "Strategisches Beschaffungsmanagement" by Prof. Fröhlich-Glantschnig from 27.08.2021…

Exam Inspection "Behavioral Operations"

The inspection for the exam "Behavioral Operations" by Prof. Fugger (module 1271BOAd01) on 12.08.2021 will take place on…

Exam Inspection Einführung in die Betriebswirtschaftslehre (SoWi)

Inspection for the exam "Introduction to Business Administration (SoWi)" (Modul 1271BMEB00) from 02.08.2021 takes place…

Exam Inspection "Supply Chain Innovation"

The inspection for the exam "Supply Chain Innovation Master" (module number: 1271SMSChI) from 26.05.2021 will take place…

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