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Stochastic Models Trainer

The tool Stochastic Model Trainer accompanies the course Stochastic Models in Production. Currently, the tool covers the first part of the course (Fundamentals). An expansion of the tool is planned. The tool Stocchastic Models Trainer can be applied under Windows 3.1 or higher versions. It is divided into the following 3 modules:

probability distribution - screenshot (12 kB)

Markov chains - screenshot (17 kB)
single-level queueing models - screenshot (17 kB)


The following models and solution approaches are implemented in this version of the Stochastic Models Trainer (the numbers within brackets refer to the corresponding parts of the course Stochastic Models):

Probability Distribution  (1.4)

  •     discrete distribution (1.4.1)
  •     geometrical distribution (1.4.1)
  •     Poisson distribution (1.4.1)
  •     continuous distribution (1.4.2)
  •     exponential distribution (1.4.2)
  •     Erlang distribution (1.4.2)
  •     Weibull distribution (1.4.2)


Markov Chains (2.)

Queueing Models (3.4)

  •     M/M/1 (3.4.1)
  •     M/M/c (3.4.2)
  •     M/M/1/N (3.4.3)
  •     M/M/c/N M/M/1/K (3.4.4)
  •     M/M/c/K (3.4.4)
  •     M/D/1 M/G/1 (3.4.5)
  •     GI/G/1

Information on Licence

All rights reserved by Prof. Dr. Heinrich Kuhn and Prof. Dr. Horst Tempelmeier, the Stochastic Model Trainer is protected by copyright. Dublication of the program without permission is criminal.
The software has been developed carefully and it is tested. But, no liability is assumed if damage is tracked back to the software directly or indirectly.