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Theoretical Master Thesis

If you decide to write a theoretical master thesis, you can propose topics or name several preferred research areas in the application form.

Application process for a theoretical thesis

Please submit only one application. Your thesis will be centrally allocated.

Please fill in the application form (we recommend using Acrobat Reader) and send it together with all other documents (transcript of records, bachelor’s certificate, resume, references and certificates from internships) to master-SCM(at) before the application deadline. Please submit the application form and all other documents in two pdf-files. The file containing all other documents should not exceed 4 MB.

  Summer term Winter term
Application deadline 15. February 15. August
Allocation of applicant to department and topic March September
Start of thesis 1. April 1. October



You can find a list of possible topics here.



Summer term/ Winter term  
April / October Kick-Off
April / October Official starting date
May / November Problem-Solving Workshop
June / January Midterm presentation
October / April Submission of thesis